When things go bad

Posted: 08/03/2013 in Uncategorized

*Since importing this from our Posterous blog, which is due to close, a lot of the 27 comments, including further threats to others have not imported*

Picture this.

You are a designer, approached by an event company and asked if you’d partake in a photography event by providing the wardrobe and styling. The models and photographers involved will all pay a small fee, the venue is paid by way of a small donation to their chosen charity. You spend weeks making outfits, at your cost, you attend the 2 day event as a stylist. The event is marketed and promoted using your company name, based on your reputation to gather attendees.


Now imagine you’re told that you can’t have any images from this event unless YOU pay for them. Despite how much it cost you to create this exclusive collection of latex outfits, which you were not reimbursed for because you were doing it as a favour.  The event company instruct the photographers not to send you anything unless you compensate them financially.  You were not paid a penny for this.  Your travel and accomodation was covered, the company appears to  pockets the rest.  How does that work then?!


This was part of the original ‘press release’ for the event (which has since been deleted):

“SHOW ME EVENTS and LADY ALLURA’S LATEX hosted by THE PIT AND PENDULUM NOTTINGHAM have teamed up to create an incredibly unique and exciting experience for models and photographers.
We will have full use of the venue from 09:00 to 15:00, a total of six hours shooting time with a collection of Lady Allura’s incredible outifts including a brand new never seen before collection created specifically for this shoot to be worn by the models in attendance.
LADY ALLURA’S LATEX is the U.K’s premier independent latex designer. She has been featured in a plethora of fashion articles and is the winner of the 2012 LFW awards in London. Her online following dwarfs those of her competitors and she is renowned for the quality of cut of her outfits.

So, Lady Allura was creating a whole new collection specifically for this event?!  And she’s still not allowed images. Wow.

Days before the event, the company removes it’s presence from Facebook, with models reporting they had been deleted from the personal profile of the man who runs the company, he himself changes his name to a series of what appear to be Chinese writing characters, one assumes to prevent being searched for. A videographer who attended was specifically asked not to credit Show Me events on the video, why?!

Here’s what one model had to say:


So now your reputation is being smeared all over the internet, by people who already have a bad reputation. Go figure.

What baffles me the most, is that the photographers who are unwilling to send the designer a handful of low resolution, watermarked images to use on her Facebook etc, which is ALL she has asked for.  She doesn’t want to sell prints, or make money from their direct use.  Their reasoning is because they paid an entry fee.  You paid to shoot those models, in that location, wearing those outfits; you paid for an opportunity you would not have had otherwise.  I defy you, any of you, to hire that many latex outfits from a designer with a 16k following, plus professional hair and make up on all the 12 models for £25!  You’re getting your photography seen by all those people, which a quick check will show that Lady Allura ALWAYS credits and links back wherever possible.

This is akin to me asking one of my designer friends “Oh hey, so will you make me 12 exclusive outfits please, for free.  I’ll pay postage or your petrol costs to deliver them, oh and as you’re here you may as well be my stylist for the day too,  but because I’m doing that you can’t have any pictures”.  Yeah, imagine how THAT would go down…

Some of the photographers are being very decent and going against the instruction they were given and are supplying the designer with images, to those of you doing so, I applaud your morality!  I will also add that NONE of the models who attended were at fault here!  We hope that the remaining photographers will eventually allow Allura to have the images she deserves from this and that the whole thing can be put to rest for all involved.

When I questioned the lead photographer on some discrepencies in his version of events, he resorted to personal insults. Oh and not forgetting the need for a childish little PM:


So in closing, to any designers out there, (their next target has already been warned) unless you fancy working for free designing, making the outfits, taking two days out of your business to help and not being given a penny, let alone images I would avoid these folks like the black death 🙂


We have since received a THREAT because of this very blog! Under a fake profile, obviously.  Sadly because they then de-activated the profile, our reply couldn’t be sent. Bad times.  However, it has been reported to the necessary parties!


**UPDATE 2**

Since the publication of this yesterday, there has been an influx of industry people reporting their experiences with the people involved here; it seems that sometimes it just takes someone to speak out to give others the confidence to.  This has received well over 3000 views and appears to have gone viral!  All we wish to achieve from this is that in future, people are more aware of whom they work with, of the conditions/terms of any collaborative effort so they won’t end up in this situation.  Awareness and knowledge is key to ensuring you don’t have a bad experience! 

Thank you to each and every one of you that has shown support over the threat we received, it has been incredibly heart warming to see this community coming together!

**UPDATE 3**

Yet another, more sinister, threat has been received this morning.  The police are being called in for this one.  It’s a brave man who threatens a woman, whilst hiding behind a fake profile and deactivating it right away so that it cannot be reported or viewed.

  1. Susey Phoenixx says:

    Hiya .. I am absolutely appalled at this .. i was orginally coming along as a tog .. but had to pull out due to technical issues with my camera .. I organise a monthly free TFCD group shoot .. every month .. at the pit and Pendulum .. and will gladly take shots of your work Lady Allura with which whatever models you wish .. I have been scammed in the past .. as a fashion designer myself .. and can only send you my very best wishes ..Susey ..

  2. Liz Davis says:

    Disgusting!!! I’m a photographer and having been let down numerous times by models i have given up on doing ‘fashion’ shoots. I have always wanted to find a latex designer to work with for a shoot i wanted. Had I of been a photographer on the day i would have gone against their wishes and still given her some images. At the end of it in this industry you have to be prepared to help each other out, if you know these costumes are customed made and you’re paying only 25 i think it would be damn rude not to offer the images!! Well if lady Allura ever wants to to Time for prints i’d happily work with her x

  3. With held for business reasons says:

    I am so glad this has all come out, finally! I think they were set up about a year ago and within that time they have taken the p*** out of and conned so many people. I am one of the lucky ones where by my presence as a designer has helped me slightly here and there and i got out before they really took advantage of me. I feel so sorry for allura, the amount of work she has done with them and then for JJ and keith mitchell to do this is just disgusting. I advise anyone involved, even in the slightest, to contact the relevant authorities, whether it be be police for harrassment or the fraud authorities for being conned out of money (even as a customer) for a fantasy charity- they are online yes, but have you read what they do?! Surely a japanese company who grows herbs is way below needing money than say a uk cancer charity?! This has given allura a terrible name and i was actually verbally abused (by way of fb message) from a model within his ‘clan’ saying i was ruining the whole scene for MUAs, models, photographers etc as a designer taking part in these shows he was putting on. And when i tried to contact all involved to clear this mess up no-one was happy to talk to me about my ‘ problematic and nasty’ behaviour (joke!) apart from the previous mentioned photographer who said he was angry at me using his images on my web store without payment. Even though i credited him in the description and he had a very clear watermark – on every single image used. Yet, he feels it is perfectly ok to put up a ton of images from MY catwalk without crediting me as the designer. All of this was a TF sort of catwalk thing with neither of us being pqid for being there -except johnny james and his supposed charity being the only ones benefitting from the attendance fees at £5 plus a person!All this nastiness was after i refused to take part in another of JJ’s catwalk events, probably because of the amount of work i did to pull in press, a model co and models with JJ taking all the credit for this! I dont think so!Last part of my rant for now, the first catwalk event i did in leicester there was another designer there who not only paid to be part of the show – with models also having to pay £5 each as well as the audience members and photographers etc- she also paid to have a stall which was shoved in the back so far it was money down the drain as well as all the organising stress. All the models were promised a talk by a london fashion week person, which never happened, and which never happened again and again when he promised this at following events and this is what the £5 modelling fee was for- not to cover MUAs as the designers paid for these out their own pocket or the MUAs worked for free. This mentioned designer requested her money back because of the p*ss take of an event and JJ said no and then threatened to get his legal team on her if she said anything else!!! This is not the only time JJ has threatened someone when they arent happy with an event either!!! He comes across as very nice and trustworthy but he is a constant liar and has charmed his way into dating numerous models who have done the catwalks too. It is disgusting and not how an event organiser should be. Stay away!!

  4. Aspiring Pro says:

    Just learning the ropes as a pro photog here – am dismayed to read about this , and will be very wary of said names.If I were there then I would naturally upload the shots I took to my facebook page , and wouldn’t have any trouble with the shots being tagged and shared by designers/mua’s from there. If I’d PAID for the opportunity to shoot latex models then I would not appreciate being told that I could not share the images I taken. Having said that I can imagine I’d be taken in by the "don’t share with designer" -becuase I’d have thought the entry fees would have gone to compensate the designer (AND they’d have agreed to said terms for the event to be happened). Also , I have to be careful about giving content away for "free" too. Jiust thought I’d give you the opposite side though I completely think it’s out of order how the designer has been treated with a lack of professional respect (at least).

  5. KrissyD says:

    She does have the right to seek compensation from them under the Fraud Act 2006, there are several things she could take a legal line with if she wishes too, I mean who else would stop them doing this again and again more than they have already. Their childish responses and anonymous profiles are just a sign of pure guilt – they already have a wealth of evidence against them and more people speaking up, a mass legal action would soon sort them out! 😛

  6. Sapphira says:

    I very almost had dealings with this guy but backed out of involvement with an event after speaking with him via phone and email. Very rude, arrogant and after meeting quite a few bull s******* in this industry I smelt a rat straight away. Nothing added up!HIs contact details if anyone needs them- Johnny James, showmeevents@me.com 07402736722

  7. Jan says:

    I’m glad I saw this – having had terrible trouble with Keith Mitchell for over 12 months – he too raised false profiles of me and a Lee Robinson – long story but, finally, his ip address was identified by the police……………………. More to follow…………………

    • Nemesis says:

      Jan,are you the woman that uses your studio as a front for your escorting business and have been asked to leave by 3 landlords?

      • Jan says:

        No, I am guessing this is either Keane Eye (Mark Keane) the hotmail is registered to a Mar Ky or Keith Mitchell who made up stories about me and has been for over a year – published lies is illegal – besides, wasn’t it McGillicuddy that you reported for running porn shoots? You are both disgusting predators and bullies who make up false profiles to make yourselves look even more stupid than you already are known to be. Operating from your offices in McDonalds, Coalville to post this again eh? This has been forwarded to the Police adding to their already fat file on you guys – keep up the good work, it is doing your already shit reputation even more harm. You two are a bunch of low life perverted no gooders who couldn’t lie straight in bed – At least I use my own name, not as the cowards you two twats are!!!

  8. Jan says:

    Or, is it Chrissy Noble, your co organiser Keith?

  9. Andy Paul says:

    I have put on a few group shoots with usually 20 photographers, 10 models, 2 MUAs and a designer. The togs paid £25 to cover hall charge, bit of food and a token payment towards the models and MUAs. Everyone happily shared photos, one guy who wanted to make money out of the shots was told he wasn’t welcome as it was about getting the chance to get together and share the images. Designer, MUA, Models and togs all got some great shots to share on facebook. £25 would get you one hour with a model, these togs all got 10 models, amazing outfits, 7 internal sets and an amazing garden to shoot in, not one of them, complained about giving photos away for free. Hopefully all involved in your shoot realises that this in NOT the norm. 🙂

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