The reality of Facebook’s Community Standards

Posted: 04/09/2016 in Uncategorized

This morning I received the second friend request from a profile containing nothing but porn links, just this week. For the second time I reported the profile and for the second time Facebook reviewed my report and found it did not violate their community standards.


Right. So pornographic content doesn’t violate the standards. Yet if I post an image I’ve taken that has a hint of a nipple… Banned.

So, I thought I’d let my friends know about this. I posted the following status, with a collage of images. A screenshot taken directly from the profile they said did not violate their standards, a copy of the report which said so and a little meme. It turns out a whole host of my friends have had the exact same experience.


As you can see, that got reported and Facebook removed it.

Then banned me for 30 days…

For the same content. The content they said did NOT violate their terms.


This is not the first time this has happened to me personally. Last year I shared a piece of art that I loved, a painting, which I was led to believe was allowed as it was not a photograph. It was reported, Facebook said it did not violate and so it remained. I posted a screenshot of the report. That got me a 3 day ban.

Now, there is no way to appeal a ban from Facebook anymore, or even contact them in any format that gets a response. Probably because they know full well how sporadically they enforce their own rules and (as both of the above examples prove) how inconsistent they are. So we are left with but no option other than to sit in the naughty corner for a month because they cannot consistently enforce their own rules, then penalise those of us who notice this.

Thus far, my attempts at gaining an answer from them on Twitter have proven unsuccessful (surprised, anyone?!) but I will continue to do so. I have other accounts to keep in touch with my friends, so being put on a ‘time out’ won’t have me crying into my morning cuppa, but I want Facebook to be held accountable for their dire enforcement policies, the laughable report system and how they allow it to be exploited; not to mention their absolute lack of common sense.

If you have yourself had a similar experience, please feel free to share this and highlight the total hypocrisy of the Facebook enforcement system,



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