Just when you think all the drama has died down another lot flares up, in this case it seems to be pandemic.

There’s a few subjects we would like to touch on today…

As Jessica Jealousy guest blogged about, there’s been a few cases of late of certain photographers harassing models. We can’t even begin to fathom how they see this as appropriate behaviour. Phone calls at all hours of the day and night practically begging these girls to shoot nude, how reassuring; in light of recent accusations of indecent assault on models, they’re being more cautious than ever. Rightly so! We can’t express just how important it is to be careful in this industry, we have all heard of the ‘touchy feely’ photographers out there, in some cases it’s got worse, it saddens us that these few utter assholes can ruin it for everyone else. Please make sure that if you’re a model looking to work with a photographer you’re not familiar with, that you do your research, find others they have worked with and ask for references. Protect yourselves at all costs!

Another issue reared it’s ugly head of late, false accusations of libel, and harassment made against a few folks in the industry. Models, designers as well as ourselves were subject to vitriolic outbursts in public with no basis in fact, taking police involvement to calm things down. It’s absurd, but we have learned one thing from all this. If you’ve done nothing wrong, stand your ground, handle yourselves with grace and dignity and the truth will come out in the end. Unfortunately the unfounded bad mouthing of those involved cannot be undone, so be careful who you point the finger at without proof of your accusations, the damage you cause can be very detrimental to that person. Unless you hear something directly from the source, don’t repeat it.

This applies to certain models too, who’ve taken to slaughtering each other all over Facebook like children. Come on girls, all you’re really doing is ensuring no one wants to work with you. Word spreads all too fast in this business and you’re only harming yourselves. Act like the professionals you want to be 🙂

Finally, our last subject for today… Scam model agencies/’schools’ and the like. These days every girl seems to want to be a model, it’s all to easy to be swayed by false promises of fame and fortune. There are certain folk running these places at the moment, asking potential models to pay large sums of money to register with them. We can’t stress enough how much you should avoid these people. There are some great agencies out there who you can apply to, you don’t need a ‘modelling school’ who can only teach you what you already know or can learn from observing other models/shoots, talking to photographers or just researching.

So, with all that out of the way, we hope you’re all looking forward to spring and getting ready for some great new shoots!

TP out ❤


There’s been a lot of talk lately about a photographer hounding models, asking for nude shoots, calling at inappropriate times, all rather unprofessional isn’t it.

It inspired a guest blog by model Jessica Jealousy, who wanted to put a models’ spin on the situation.  Naturally we may rant about it another time 😉  But for now, may we introduce Ms Jealousy and her point of view…


I know all young girls and models want to work with good photographers, and may get some ‘excellent’ offers from ‘new’ photographers – I know, I fell into a similar trap when I first started working as a model back in late 2009.  The cold truth of that is, I still haven’t received the main bulk of the mages or the disc on the whole, thank you very much. Luckily for me, I took my husband with me as a chaperone.

To start with the guy wasn’t that bad – but a while after I did the shoot he went quiet. So I messaged him, the images would arrive to me “within the next two weeks”; well let me tell you it’s been over two years now and I’m done with chasing the images up! All I got was excuse after excuse of why he hadn’t turned up with the images, edited them or whatever. First he was out of the country, then he was staying where ever her was a little longer, then band photography was his priority, then “his wife” messaged me abut the images and God knows what else.

I was not a happy bunny! As a result of this I feel a little more wary of working with male photographers, I have a note on my pages saying “if we’ve not met I will bring a chaperone”, and we’ve all seen the photographers who have a message saying “do not bring a chaperone, it is pointless, they get in the way, ruin the shoot” or whatever.

I just want to tell you, first hand from experience: If you DO NOT feel safe working with a photographer you have never met, take somebody with you. As far as I’m [and your family are!] concerned your safety comes first!
ALWAYS check for references! And if you’re still not happy with what you receive please, for the love of God, don’t wing it and work with them.

I’ve heard strings of stories all linked with the same few people about bad work, not receiving edits, them being a bit “touchy” and just being creeps in general. Modelling is not more important than your own safety.

What I would recommend: If you have a page, don’t list your e-mail; I still have the cheque from the first and last scammer that tried that one on me! DO NOT, for God’s sake put your number, unless you like Mr TogEditz (not a real name, I hope!!) calling you at four in the morning before you have a meeting! Not only that, but having someone constantly call and text you to “arrange a shoot” is really off-putting.

I have photographers numbers, I have also worked unchaperoned with photographers I haven’t worked with and I can say: They have been girls (I’m not saying every female photographer is safe, either) and I have met them in a busy location (one was in Birmingham, with a highly recommended photographer and the other was at a Uni campus I frequent with other photographers)
And lastly, like with any other social networking site, don’t leave your address!

If a photographer asks to meet for a shoot, take a friend, go somewhere public and sit where people can see you. Don’t just go into the woods with Mr TogEditz for your first nude shoot…

I don’t want to put the fear of God in you about doing photo shoots or meeting photographers and whatnot, but it’s always safety first.

– Don’t leave your number on a site.
– Try not to leave an e-mail account (unless it’s a throwaway, be VERY aware of scams that offer you ‘contracts’)
– NEVER leave your address.
– Meet in a public place, with someone.
– Don’t agree to do a nude/topless [etc] shoot with a photographer just because they asked.
– Take a chaperone if you’ve never met.
– Do the shoot somewhere open, so you can leave safely if you need to.

– Jessica Jealousy.


If you’d like a guest blog spot, to talk about your experience in the industry and offer advice, please contact enquiries@twistedpix.net

Our gorgeous Jenface <3

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The truth…

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For a good while now we have been snarling about people who massively over process images, giving their models that melted wax skin that makes us feel a bit…well, pukey.  We have been dying to do a project whereby we could show what people REALLY look like when they step foot into a photo studio and what extreme lengths photographers and re-touchers often go to. 

We admit, we struggled a bit… “Oh hey, so you know how you’re paying us lots of money to make you feel gorgeous, mind if we show a ‘before’ picture with your newly found nose zit, and then change you completely for an ‘after’ shot?!”  Yes, imagine how well that would go.  Everyone knows we HATE changing how our clients look, unless they specifically ask, we change as little as possible; that includes leaving them, with pores… But, up stepped one of our favourite clients, Chlöe saying she’d love to do something like that to show just how bad it all is…DING!!!

So with her consent, we butchered her 😀 In the following image, you can see the untouched image (apart from resizing for web) and how it would end up in the hands of the media, or just many ‘professionals’.  We admit, we probably did a better job of the butchering as most of these folks don’t really know how to use photoshop, banging a skin smoothing filter on is enough, apparently 😉


So, for all the young girls out there who want to be thin and have flawless skin like the girls in the magazines, THIS is the reality on the left.  What you see rammed in your face every day is a fairy tale, even the supermodels get photoshopped to hell when they appear in magazines.  Now, go and eat that burger…

In the ‘after’ picture, we re-shaped Chlöe’s jaw, nose, re-aligned her eyes; we increased her already (highly adequate) breasts, we totally reshaped her waist by around 6-8 inches, her arms by 1-2 inches, we reduced her thighs, as well as stretching them lengthways by around 5% (it’s a lot more than it sounds).  Then we lenghtened her neck.  We then removed every ounce of skin texture she has.  She is now a plastic doll.

Finally, we would like to show you the way we believe re-touching should be done; again thanks to Chlöe for being our subject matter, who so obviously looks better just as she is, but is still human enough to just want ‘just that bit sorted out’ just like the rest of us lol ❤


Photography Phuck Ups

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We all know the general opinion about someone who buys a camera and then immediately starts a ‘business’; then there’s the students who are at least trying to learn the trade/art of photography but yet they also see fit to start a little sideline where they charge people for their often inexperienced tripe.  Now and then you see one that makes you think “That one is going to be stupendous oneday” but let’s face it that’s as rare as rocking horse sh*t. So why then do they often develop an ego to rival Bruce Willis?! 

We had one such today criticise a client of ours, not a model, a CLIENT because they thought her poses look awkward.  Oh, hey, have you seen the mainstream modelling poses of today…?  Whilst we are on the subject, take a look at your own…models.  Oh, and your white balance whilst you’re at it.

BUT, what’s really grating lately is the people who take a few pictures of a girl in some bondage gear and instantly profess to be professionals in that style, umm…no you’re not fetish photographers; this week you took some images of a girl in her underwear…nope, you’re not glamour photographers either, so for the love of Canon please stop labelling yourselves as such, you make yourselves appear foolish.  We have seen “Professional Fetish Photographer” proclaimed by people who have a port full of the usual suspects, with a tiny smattering of Ann Summers ‘kinky’ wear thrown in.  Oh dear.

Try new things, experiment by all means, please do!  You may find you have a niche, you may not; you really don’t need to try to capitalise on every market just because it’s popular this week.  We have turned clients away and sent them elsewhere because we think that other photographer understands the style better than we do, we would rather see someone get the best images they can from their idea.  That said, we will give most things a try but we stand firmly by our proclamation of just being alternative in style.

A special mention also goes out to the ‘white photo frame template’ folk.  You forgot to change your calendars, it’s 2011 😉 You might want to avoid the selective colouring thing too, unless it’s totally necessary, we know you’re a newbie already. 

We are quite aware that this probably makes us sound quite arrogant, but every single one of you out there who know us, know that our tongues are buried quite firmly in our cheeks (leeeeeave it!).  If you’ve taken offense at any of this, then quite clearly you know deep down that you are guilty as charged.  Ha.

I think it does us good to remind ourselves every day that we aren’t as good as we think we are…well some of us aren’t anyway 😉

Until next time ❤

Model Behaviour Pt 4

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So, what do we mean by this?

We just went for a nose around a models’ FB portfolio.  The girl has the SAME EXPRESSION in every. Single. Image.

If you are not able to pose your face (at times more important than posing your body, unless the vacant look is the requirement) then you shouldn’t even begin to call yourself a model.

The real tragedy of this, is that the model in question is charging people.  Yes, you read that right.  She is expecting to be paid to stand in the same tired poses, with the same cardboard cutout face.  Wow.

Buy a mirror for fuck sake, practise every day. There are hundreds of normal every day expressions that will serve you well in this industry, if you can’t pull more than one then what in hell are you doing?!  Raising your left eyebrow by 2mm is not ‘surprise’. Pressing your face against someone else isn’t ‘tenderness’.  Here, have a clue, it’s free for today only!


Our second bit of advice for today, ‘models’ with photographer boyfriends/best friends etc, and there’s more and more of you out there every day, you do not own the sole rights to shoot with these guys.  Sorry to be the one to burst that bubble for you.  The stories we hear about jealous girlfriends who get pissy if the photographer thinks someone else is better suited to a shoot idea are just laughable.  Get over yourselves.  Please. 

Would you insist your artist boyfriend used only a certain brand of paint or canvas, despite the fact that it’s not the best tool for this particular piece?  No?  Well that’s precisely what you’re doing 🙂

Photography seems to have gained a certain celebrity factor, models want to be the ‘one’, the muse that inspires all; to be indisposable.  It rarely works that way.  The scenario of Lithium Picnic and Apnea is a rarity, but omg LOOK at her, are you surprised she was his muse and main model as well as his wife?!

Personally, we will use whomever best suits an idea we have because that’s how we ensure that our idea works, rather than settling to keep the peace.  Don’t sell out folks, be true to what you love!


TP out 😉

Model Behaviour Pt.3

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Yep, we’re back with part 3 of the Model Behaviour blogs; our advice to people trying to break into the industry as models, or those that already have a foot in the door.

There’s a few things we want to touch on today; compensation, contracts and scams mainly.  Still reading?  Well that’s a start 😉


All photographers have at some point had an enquiry about a shoot, and upon sending out our rate card, received that old classic…

“But I only accept paid assignments…”

El. Oh. El.  Really.  Sorry to be the ones to break this news, but unless you’re already a successful model (and by successful, we mean you are registered as self employed and have a list of tear sheets as long as your legs and modelling IS your job) you will get NOWHERE with that mindset. 

As many people in the industry will attest to, you need to think of who is providing whom with a service. 

If we get a commission to shoot a product, and we need a model then we will pay that model.  She/He is providing us with a service.

If you need portfolio images, or you just want to work with us, then it stands to reason that you pay us.  WE are providing the service.  We may only spend an hour with you in the studio, but that’s not where it ends.  Image selection, necessary re-touching, these things take time, why should we not be paid for that?

The attitude that because you’ve had a few shoots, and some guy was prepared to pay you for one, will not get you where you want to be.  It’s arrogant, and only goes to show what an amatuer you actually are.

Now, we now how frustrating it is; you’ve decided you want to do this, and you’re networking like a posessed thing but you’re not getting any work.  Why?!

GET AN AGENT!  We can’t stress this enough.  If you’re serious about this, then spend the time getting yourself out there to the right people, rather than anyone who will watch you on Facebook. 

We get at least 3 TFP/CD enquiries every week saying how much you’d love to work with us, we are exactly the style you’re looking for, well that’s fantastic, and you want us to work for free.  Hmm.  So if you were…say, a chef, would you expect to work for free?  Didn’t think so…lol  We know it sounds hypocritical, because here we are telling you to work for free, right?  Wrong, we are telling you that to create a portfolio that will get you paying work, you have to pay out to get yourself out there.  NO photographer starts charging as soon as they lay hands on a camera (we aren’t including GWC’s here), we work for free, getting ourselves a decent portfolio together to get ourselves out there, so we can start getting paid work, same as you 🙂

Here’s a bit of reading for you that may help: http://www.modelsconnect.net/?page=21

Ok, Contracts:

If you are with an agent then they will handle all the necessary contracts and paperwork.  If you’re going it alone then you need to be aware at ALL times what you are signing.  Model Release forms rarely give you, the model, any rights other than being able to publish them in your online portfolios without gaining permission.  As we touched on in our previous blog, you do not have the right to do anything else with those images, as copyright remains with the photographer at all times.  Any photographer worth their salt will not sign their rights away for anything less than a 4-figure amount.  If you’re lucky.  Agencies negate the need for you to worry about any of that.


There’s been a few about lately, but one we would like you all to be aware of is a ‘New clothing company’ that would LOVE for you to be their figurehead model, they send you a contract, a cheque… it all looks VERY legit, you can even check their company registrations and yes they exist!  Only it’s a rip off.  We know of at least two models who have been almost caught out on this one, so please be careful!

And so endeth part 3…

TP out ❤